I have made too many mistakes here

Trying to manage my blog – (I hate that word )  I wanted to put in a link to a Freind’s Website – it is a little Widget showing the current phase of the moon and a url also that links to “Pagan Dreams”

Please – tell me where to find this method – someone says I need an html button

What the heck is an html button


Many thanks for the help I hope for – if you are able



I am learning to just love the world of communication

I hope somewhere somehow I can find out a way to post stuff on this page of mine

I believe I may have so much to say

I write stuff – fantasy mostly – now I do not mean Fantastic  NAH – that is for my Critics to say

Right – now for a Kick-off I do not like this font

I know what I would like to do – just for me – as a present for my Birthday

I shall take up WordPress’s offer and get the Upgrade to Pro

I have been som…

I have been somewhat obliged to un-sub from two most interesting sites – especially the one entitled “the Argumentative Old Git” – sorry about that Himadri, and a sorry to your friend whom I met online
I am still getting blamk pages – in a pale shade of grey from your posts and your friend’s